Janani Tissue

Client: Janani Group
Brand: Janani Tissue
Agency: Gangchil Advertising
Film Director: Dedarul Islam Samrat
Assistant Director: Wahed Nur, Priom, Shimul
DOP: Alim Eabad
Art Director: Jweel
Set Director: Shimul
Music: Abed Rony
Edit: Shohel and Wahed Nur
Color: Shohel Khan
CG: Wahed Nur(wahednur.com)
Actors: Riaz, Mithi, Chouti, Muniya Afreen
Production: Jahidul Islam, Shomon, Aunik, Shahed etc
Location: Hatir Jheel, BFDC, Gulshan
Camera and light: BFDC

Duration : 40 sec, 30 sec and 20Sec
Copy writer: Janani Group and Gangchil Advertising
Additional Credits: Rafiul Islam, Shohel Khan

Software: Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effect, 3ds Max,  Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,

All duration

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